About the Food & Attendance Review Page

The amount of required fields on the Food & Attendance page varies depending on user input. For example, if you do not select a meal, meal components are not required. However, if you do select a meal, the components are required. For this reason, the remaining required fields are marked with an asterisk next to the page icon, and the page display changes as monitors complete the review.

  1. In the Meal Service Details section, select No Meal, Breakfast, AM Snack, Lunch, or PM Snack.
  2. If the provider is approved for multiple servings, select the number of servings given at the meal (1 or 2). Then, select the time at which each serving was given.
  3. In the Food Served, section, select the food served at the meal. You must complete this information for both non-infants and infants. There are slight differences between how meals are recorded for infants versus non-infants. For more information, see Recording Meal Components for Infants, below. 
  4. Click a child's name to mark them as present for the meal. If you selected two servings in Step 2, click the child's name again to mark them as present for both servings.
    Note: If a child is not listed on this page, click Add Child. Then, enter the child's information and click Add. The child is added to the review and to Minute Menu HX.
  5. When finished, click Continue.

Recording Meal Components for Infants

Per the USDA regulations for developmentally ready foods, there is no set age when developmentally ready foods must be served, as the development rate of infants varies between children. All meal components for infants must be recorded on a per-child basis.

You must still click the child's name to mark them as present (click twice to mark them present for both servings, if needed). Once a child is marked present, meal components display under their name.