April 2020

April 22, 2020

UPDATED: We have renamed the Provider Menu Plan List to Provider My Menus to match the language used in KidKare.
UPDATED: We have renamed the KIDS (Internet) checkbox in the Process Claims window. It is now labelled KidKare.
UPDATED: All hx2go permissions, settings, options, and reports are now labelled Online Review throughout Minute Menu HX.
UPDATED: We've updated the links under Help and Support and removed the Useful Links option from the Help menu.  
UPDATED: We have removed the SSN field from the User/Monitor Information window.
FIXED: The 5 Day Attendance report is displaying the provider number next to each child name.
FIXED: When preference S.003 is set to Disallow, Error 170 is not disallowing for the times set in preference S.003b.
FIXED: The Spanish welcome message includes stray characters and symbols.
FIXED: An old hx2go message related to billing is still being sent to certain users when they remove monitors.
FIXED: The review title on page 4 of form H1607 is H1606 instead of H1607.