August 2020

August 30, 2020

FIXED: Some sponsors are unable to send welcome emails to new providers and receive an error message instead.
FIXED: The Providers Changing Tiers report is blank when generated.
FIXED: Some sponsors are unable to save email changes made in the Provider Information General tab.

August 26, 2020

UPDATED: We added a column showing the Processed Date/Time to the List Claims window.
UPDATED: We have made the following changes to the Rhode Island Claim Upload File: If a claim has evening snacks, these counts are added to PM Snack, and if the claim is Mixed Tier, the the Tier 1 meal counts go under the Tier 2_HI column in the upload file.
UPDATED: We've added a Provider Daily Meal Count report to Minute Menu HX. To access this report, click the Reports menu, select Claim Data, and click Provider Daily Meal Count report. For more information, see Print the Provider Daily Meal Count Report.
FIXED: Comments added in HX to reviews that have already been signed by the provider are showing up on the hx2go Review report. This report should not change once a provider has signed their review.
FIXED: Issue Payments is running slow when calculating payments.
FIXED: The Check Register report is slow to generate.
FIXED: The Infant Formula and Breast Milk boxes are both checked on the Enrollment Renewal report. Only one option should be marked.

August 5, 2020


FIXED: Only one vegetable field is showing in the Service Analysis page for the Texas Food/Attendance page.
FIXED: Providers receive an error when trying to generate the Review report from the link included in the review report message.
FIXED: The Departure Time on the TX Review Form H1607 does not reflect the time entered in the KidKare Review Tool