Before You Scan

Scanning forms in Minute Menu HX consists of two major steps:

  1. Scan the form batch. This gets the raw scanned data from the physical forms into your computer.
  2. Validate the form batch. This translates the raw data into valid database values, such as children, foods, meals, and so on. You may need to manipulate this information after it is validated. For example, you may need to supply child tier information. After validation, you should process claims.

However,  before you begin scanning, you should take some organizational steps to ensure the process moves quickly and smoothly.

Stacking Forms

We recommend that you create neat stacks of enrollment and/or menu forms during the first several days of the month. If you are also scanning review forms, these should also be neatly stacked.

Stack forms so that like forms are grouped together. You can scan infant and regular menu forms of the same type together. However, you cannot scan full bubble menus and attendance menus together, so these should remain separated. You must also separate different versions of enrollment forms.

Once you have sorted and stacked your forms, scan and validate them. Remember that all of your providers' information must be up-to-date prior to scanning and processing menu forms. This means that you must scan and validate any enrollment and review forms before you scan and validate menus.

Loading the Scanner

  1. When you are ready to scan, first make sure that you are scanning the same type of form. If you are scanning a large batch of menu forms, do not split up a provider's menus. Infant and regular menu forms should be scanned together.
  2. Load the scanner hopper with the forms you are scanning. Load them face up with the bottom in towards the scanner. This should be the first part of the form scanned.
  3. Ensure that forms are stacked neatly in the hopper with edges together, and that all of the forms are facing the same direction.
  4. Move the loose paper guide to help the form pages fit tightly together, but not so tight that they are bent or cramped.
  5. Turn your scanner on and scan the forms.