Child Enrollment Options

There are three ways to input child enrollment to Minute Menu HX:

  • Retrieve child enrollment through the Internet when a provider enrolls children via KidKare.
  • Scan a child enrollment form.
  • Enroll children yourself with the Enroll Child Wizard in Minute Menu HX.

Child Enrollment via KidKare

If your providers process claims online via KidKare, they can enroll children. When providers enroll children in KidKare, the children they enrolled have a Pending status (rather than active). You must then activate these children once you received signed enrollment forms. For more information, see Activate Children.

Providers can enroll children manually or use the eForms feature to send electronic enrollment invitations to parents. For more information about eForms, see eForms.

Scannable Child Enrollment Forms

Sponsors who use Minute Menu HX scannable forms can use scannable Child Enrollment Forms to add any child's enrollment to your HX database. Once you've scanned a child enrollment form, you may need to supply additional information for the child:

  • Parent and Child Address Information: Parent and child address information is hand-written on the child enrollment form. You would need to manually enter this information into Minute Menu HX. We strongly recommend you supply this information if you plan to use the Enrollment Renewal Worksheet.
  • Tier Information: If the child is a Tier 1 child in a Mixed Tier home, you must manually supply the child's income eligibility information.

The Enroll Child Wizard

The Enroll Child Wizard walks you through the process of adding a child when you have not received a scannable enrollment for or electronic enrollment from a provider. The information you enter in the wizard is used to check the provider's claim and calculate monthly reimbursement for meals served to this child.