Child Numbers (for Scannable Forms)

Scannable forms only have child numbers 1-28 available. Providers who are switching to new forms must ensure they only use child numbers 1-28. To do so, they write the new number on their CIF. Note that sponsors should not change child numbers in Minute Menu HX until the previous claim has been processed.

Providers must write the child's name next to their new number on the CIF on the day they start using the new form (at the beginning of the month).

Sponsors must update child numbers in Minute Menu HX after the previous month has been processed, but before the new claim (with the new forms/child numbers) has been processed.

To change child numbers:

  1. Click the Providers menu and select Child Information. The Child Information window opens.
  2. Click the Provider drop-down menu and select the provider.
  3. Click the Child drop-down menu and select the child to update.
  4. Click Child Number. The Assign Child Numbers dialog box opens and displays a list of all active children and their assigned numbers.
  5. Select the group to view.
  6. Click Delete next to any children assigned to numbers 29-32 in each group.
  7. Using the CIF submitted by the provider, re-assign the numbers.
    1. Click a child's name in the Unassigned Children section.
    2. Locate the new number on the CIF.
    3. Click Assign.