Child Re-Enrollment Options

Sponsors must actively re-enroll children each year. Minute Menu HX provides multiple methods for managing your yearly re-enrollment process:

  • eForms: Renew child enrollments via the Internet. You can send invitations, review forms, and approve enrollment in KidKare. This eliminates physical paper form copies and saves time, as parents can submit forms directly to you. For more information, see the eForms topics.
  • Scannable Forms: Scan re-enrollment forms so Minute Menu HX can process them. Ensure providers use the same child numbers for their children. For more information, see Re-Enroll Children with Scannable Forms.
  • Renew Child Enrollment Function: Use a combination of the Enrollment Renewal Worksheet and the Renew Child Enrollment Function to manually renew child enrollment. For more information, see Renew Child Enrollment Function.