Complete the hx2go Questionnaire

If you allow Monitors to record reviews online, they can either answer questions on the hx2go mobile website or in the KidKare Review Tool. This article covers completing reviews with hx2go. See Complete the Review Questionnaire for information about completing reviews in KidKare.

  1. Open an Internet browser and navigate to
  2. Log in with the same credentials used to access Minute Menu HX.
  3. First, download provider data.
    1. Tap Download Provider Data.
    2. Select the provider(s) you are reviewing. You can tap Filter to filter by Monitor, Next Review Date, Meals, or Location.
    3. Tap Download.
    4. When finished, tap Home.
  4. Tap Enter a Review. The Review Provider pop-up opens.
  5. Select the provider for whom to enter a review. The review questionnaire opens.
  6. Complete the questions in each tab. Your administrator creates the questionnaire on the hx2go administrative site. As such, the types and amounts of questions vary between agencies. If you are missing any required fields, red notifications display by the icons for each icon when you tap Save.
  7. To disallow any observed meals:
    1. Tap Disallow in the Compliance tab. The Disallow Meals page opens.
    2. Check the box next to the age group to disallow.
    3. Check the meals in the Starting section to disallow. This disallows the meal every day from the starting date to (but not including) the ending date.
    4. Check the meals in the Ending section to disallow. This disallows meals on the ending date.
    5. In the Reasons section, mark the reasons for these disallowances.
    6. Tap Save.
    7. Tap Back to return to the review.
  8. Once you are finished, tap Save again. The Finalize Review message displays. Tap OK.
  9. Have the provider sign the review on your mobile device. If a helper was present, they must also sign.
  10. Sign the review yourself.
  11. Tap Accept. The review is accepted, and you are returned to the landing page.
  12. Now, upload the completed review.
    1. Tap Upload Completed Review. The Upload Completed Reviews page opens.
    2. Tap Upload. The review is uploaded. The upload date and time also displays. The information in this review moves to Minute Menu HX. The next step is to validate the review. For more information, see Validate hx2go Reviews.