December 2018

December 20, 2018

UPDATED: Moved the form version and revision date on the LA Review form to the upper-right corner.
UPDATED: Updated the juice edit check to allow meals where juice is served a second time for the day, but enough other creditable components are present.
FIXED: Cloud connect provider list export is missing the 28 Day Review output.
FIXED: Edit checks aren't recognizing Error 93 Monitor Recorded Different Foods in limited cases/specific scenarios.
FIXED: Sponsor foods with an effective start date of 1/1/2000 do not show up on the Food List report.
FIXED: An additional - (dash) displays after the meal under Error 191  when juice is served more than once per day.
FIXED: Changes made to the Heading Texts in the Sponsor Information window do not save.
FIXED: Providers receive a No Records Could be Found error when trying to run the Provider Changing Tiers report.
FIXED: Preference Q.012 is set to warn, but providers are still being disallowed.
FIXED: Error 191 is disallowing for a day when juice was only served once.
FIXED: Error 191 incorrectly shows infants in the OER claim error details. However, the claim totals and meal counts correctly reflect non-infants only.
FIXED: Error 187 (Whole Grain Rich Component Not Served on Day) is not disallowing the snack with the lowest attendance.
FIXED: HX user passwords are not updating in UserAuth, and the user cannot log in to HX with the new password.

December 6, 2018

FIXED: Error 8 is missing from the Office Error report.
FIXED: Error 191 displays Disallow instead of Warn even though Q.011 in Sponsor Preferences is set to Warn if violated.