December 2019

December 18, 2019

UPDATED: The KIDS (Internet) Claim Entry Times report is now the Meal Entry Times report.
UPDATED: We added the parent email address to the Enrollment Renewal Worksheet. This change also affects the KidKare version of this report.
UPDATED: We have added a new filter to the Providers Not Claiming report. This allows users to filter the report by No Claim Submitted or No Meals Recorded. For more information about this report, see Providers Not Claiming Report.
FIXED: The Auto-Fill button is missing in the Daily Attendance section of the Record Full Attendance by Child window.
FIXED: Users are able to save provider information even when the CACFP Start Date is missing. This is a required field, and users should not be able to save if it is missing. This issue was also affecting other required fields.
FIXED: Providers are not being required to enter formula names in KidKare when preference M.005 is set to B or P.
FIXED: The Provider List Export report prints data in the wrong columns.
FIXED: The Training link in the Help>Help and Support menu goes to the wrong website. It now goes to
FIXED: Removed providers are missing from the Check Register report.
FIXED: An error displays when users try to download a review from the email sent after a completed review is uploaded.
FIXED: Some users receive an error when attempting to generate the Enrollment Renewal Worksheet.