Error Codes 132-139

Error 132-133

Provider was Over Capacity

One or a combination of these errors are generated if a provider records some combination of children that violates their license capacity, as noted in the Provider Information Licensing tab. Capacity errors can disallow the number of children that are over capacity, disallow the entire meal, issue a warning, or ignore the situation.

Note: If a waiver is in effect, the over capacity children will be allowed.

Error 134

Child's Attendance Times Not Recorded

This error is generated if child attendance is being cross-checked about meal times, but the given child is missing his/her daily in/out time information when the claim is processed. This can warn or disallow the child.

Make sure you have scanned In/Out forms for this provider, or that this provider has supplied in/out times. To do so, print the In/Out Child Attendance report or the In/Out Child Attendance by Child report in Minute Menu HX. If your provider uses KidKare, you can also print the Verify In/Out Times report in KidKare (Observer Mode).

Error 135

Invalid Child Number Recorded on In/Out Form

This error is generated if you scan In/Out forms and mark a child number that does not exist. It either warns or disallows the child, but is most commonly used for informational purposes (warn).

Note: Remember that you must scan or manually enter enrollments before you scan In/Out forms.

Error 136

Meal Time(s) were Marked with Times on More than One Column on In/Out Forms for the Same Day. The Form Day Header May Have Been Filled out Improperly

When using scannable In/Out forms, providers can supply daily meal times on those forms. If the Provider has done so in more than one column that has been marked with the same day, it may mean that the provider has filled-in the wrong day column.

This error doesn't directly cause a disallowance, but other claim errors may be generated as a result if the In/Out form was actually filled-out improperly.

Error 137

Meal Time on In/Out Form, but That Meal Wasn't Included in the Provider's Claim

This error is generated if a provider has supplied a meal time on a scannable In/Out form, but the meal itself was not scanned. This can indicate that the meal/attendance forms have been filled out improperly for a particular day, the In/Out form may be filled-out improperly, or a smudge was picked up in the scan.

Error 138

Own Children not Counted in Capacity are also not Reimbursed

In Califorina, the provider's own children over the age of 10 do not count in capacity (except for military licenses). These children cannot be paid, even if the provider is Tier 1 Income Eligible. This error is generated if these children are claimed.

Error 139

DFS Child Claimed Outside DFS Approval Dates

Some states require a pay source be on-file for children who are paid for by a state subsidy program. This is recorded in the Pay Source box in the Child Information Special tab. If you must have this information, Minute Menu HX can be configured to allow you to set an effective date range for which the child is approved within the subsidy program.

This error is generated if a child is claimed outside of the effective date range for the subsidy program in which the child participates. It warns or disallows the child.