Error Codes 44-53

Error 44

The Child's Infant Formula Preference Indicates Parent Supplies Formula and Food

Parents can indicate that they will provide formula and food for their infant children on enrollment forms. This error is generated for every Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner served to 8-11 month-old infants if parents select this option. At younger meals, the additional food items are optional, so the parent is just supplying formula, which is reimbursable. At snacks for 8-11 month-old infants, the meal may be disallowed depending on whether formula is served.

You can disable this error to always allow these meals (regardless of the infant food setting), if your state allows reimbursement for all infants even when the parent supplies formula and food.

Error 45

Provider is not Active

This error is generated if a provider is not properly activated in Minute Menu HX. It usually appears with a larger number of other errors in the claim. If you see this error, check the provider's file to determine whether they need to be properly activated or fully removed. When finished, re-process the claim.

Error 46

A Pending (or Unknown) Status Child was Claimed

This error is generated when a pending child is claimed. This error always disallows the child.

Children enrolled in KidKare remain at a Pending status until you use the Activate New Children function to activate them. You can also manually set children to Pending if you do not have a valid, signed enrollment form for them. If you receive this error, check the child's status and activate them, if appropriate. Then, re-process the claim.

Error 47

A Child was Recorded on the Wrong Scannable Menu Form (Infant vs Regular Menu)

The Infant Menu is intended for all children under one (1) as of the given meal date. The Regular Menu should be used when recording children ages one (1) and up, as of the given meal date.

This error is generated when a child is recorded incorrectly, based on the child's age. This frequently occurs when an infant turns 1 during a given month, so the provider may mistakenly record the non-infant child on the Infant Menu, as well as offer the wrong meal pattern to the child. Unlike Error 126, this error is always a disallowance. 

Note: Special Diet infants may be claimed on the Regular Menu. If this is the case, this error will not generate. For more information, see Error 145.

Error 48

The Child's File Indicates S/He is not Participating in the CACFP

When children are enrolled, the parent/guardian can indicate that the child in question is not participating in the CACFP. This is usually done by Providers for their own children in certain states. In other states, this can apply to all children—especially to infants whose parents provide both formula and food.

When these children are claimed, the processor notes these non-participating children for capacity purposes only. This means that these children will not be reimbursed as part of the Food Program. This error is generated when this happens. It always disallows the affected children.

If you see this error and you do not deal with the non-participating children in any way, you must check the Participating in CACFP box in the Child Information Child tab for those children.

Note: This error may or may not apply to daycare children, depending on agency preference.

Error 49

Provider's Own Children Cannot be Claimed Unless Provider is Tier 1 Income Eligible

This error is generated if the provider claims their own children and they are not Tier 1 by Income. Own children are only reimbursed at Tier 1 rates when the provider is Tier 1 by Income.

Consult the provider Information Tiering tab to ensure that there are valid Income Eligibility dates recorded (this may be in addition to School or Census Area eligibility for those providers who are School/Census eligible for Tier 1 but are able to claim their own children).

Error 50

A Foster Child was Claimed Outside the Foster Dates

This error is generated when a foster child is claimed outside of the child's foster care dates as noted in the Tier 1 Start/End date boxes in the Child Information Rules tab or if those dates are missing.

A provider's own foster children are always reimbursed at Tier 1 rates, regardless of the provider's tier. Before Minute Menu HX can process foster children properly, you must check the Child is Tier 1 box in the Child Information Rules tab and enter the child's foster care dates in the Tier 1 Start/End dates boxes. These dates are typically based on the foster agreement the provider has with the state for those child.

Error 51

A Tier 1 Child was Claimed Outside the Child's Tier 1 Eligibility Dates. Child will be Claimed as Tier 2

Tier 1 children in Mixed Tier homes must have valid starting and ending eligibility dates to indicate that the child has a valid income eligibility statement on file. You enter these dates in the Tier 1 Start/End Dates boxes in the Child Information Rules tab.

If the child is claimed outside of these dates, the child will be reimbursed at Tier 2 rates.

Note: If a provider is Tier 1, the child's tiering level is not subjected to this edit check.

Error 53

A Saturday Meal was Claimed without Saturday Documentation on File for the Provider

Some states require specific, signed statements from providers that are open on Saturday. To indicate that the provider is open on Saturday and that you have a statement on file, check the Saturday box in the Documentation on File section of the Provider Information Other tab.

This error is generated if a provider serves meal on a Saturday but does not have a statement on file in Minute Menu HX in the Provider Information Other tab. This error warns or disallows the meals.