Error Codes 88-96

Error 88

An Other Food was Served in the Given Meal. Verify Nutritional Components

This error is generated any time a provider serves an Other food. It warns the affected meal.

Other foods are foods in your food list, such as Other Meat or Other Bread. If your agency does not have any Other foods set up, this error does not appear.

Error 89

Special Diet Statement on File for Given Child(ren) is Expired

This error is generated if a provider serves special diet food to a child whose special diet statement has expired as of the meal date. It ignores, warns, or disallows the child.

You can find the child's special date statement information in the Child Information Special tab.

Error 90

Special Needs Child(ren) was Served at the Given Meals

This error is generated for all meals at which a special needs child is served. It produces a warning. You can disable this warning message if you do not want to receive notifications that special needs children were served.

Error 91

School Aged Child Served a Meal When Child Should have Been in School

This error is generated when a school aged child is served an AM Snack or Lunch (and, in some cases, Breakfast) on a school day. This error is ignored on weekend and on any day you or the provider indicates that school was closed or the child was home sick.

Notes: School closures can be noted on the School District Calendar or Sponsor Calendar, and child illness can be noted on the Child Calendar. When you print the Claimed Foods & Attendance report, children who are out of school or sick are noted with an s or i for the given date. 

If a child has specific school days within the week (as marked in the School Attend Days section of the Child Information Schedule tab), this error is ignored on those days of the week the child does not attend school. It can ignore, warn, or disallow the affected child.

If a child is determined to be school-aged based on your state's capacity regulations, the child may be subjected to this edit check (assuming your agency performs this check). However, even if a child is assumed to be school aged from a capacity standpoint, a child is only subjected to this check if their Grade Level/School Type (Child Information Schedule tab) as follows:

  • During Lunch, these children are checked:
    • S (School Aged)
    • K (Kindergarten/All Day Kindergarten)
    • L (All Day Headstart)
  • During AM Snack (and possibly Breakfast), these children are checked:
    • S (School Aged)
    • K (Kindergarten/All Day Kindergarten)
    • L (All Day Headstart)
    • A (AM Kindergarten)
    • D (AM Headstart)

Note that this specifically excludes children designated as Year Round School, Home School, or No School. Consult the child's school designation in the Child Information Schedule tab.

Error 92

The Following Meal(s) were Disallowed by a Monitor as a Result of a Review Visit

This error is generated by each meal a Monitor disallows during a home review visit. All meals noted by the Monitor are disallowed automatically, and this error is generated for each one of them. Only those reviews conducted within the month of the claim are examined for this error.

Consult the specific review in question for more information about the disallowance.

Error 93

Monitor Recorded Different food for a Meal than was Recorded by the Provider

When you record the results of a review in Minute Menu HX, the processor cross-checks the foods observed by the Monitor with the information claimed by the provider. This error is generated when a provider claims foods that do not match those foods observed by the Monitor during a home visit review (during the claim month). This warns or disallows the affected meals.

This error cannot be generated for reviews where you do not specify foods that were observed. It is also not generated for claims where food information is not supplied, such as Attendance Menus or claims entered with the Record Full Month Attendance function.

Error 95

A Cycle Menu was Recorded, but the Cycle Does Not Include the Given Meal on the Chosen Day of Week

This error is generated if a provider marks the Master Menu bubble on their form to note that a Cycle Menu was used but does not select a Cycle Menu containing a cycle meal for the given day of the week and given meal that is being claimed.

You can review cycle menus in the Plan Sponsor Weekly Cycle Menu window or in the Provider's Cycle Menu Plan window.

Error 96

No Foods were Served but Child(ren) were in Attendance for the Given Meal(s)

This error is generated when children are marked in attendance, but no foods are marked for the given children. For non-infants, this means the provider forgot to supply foods for the given meal. For infants, it can mean the same thing, or it can mean that the provider supplied foods for an age category that was inappropriate for the age of the given child.

For example, a child turned 6 months old in the middle of the month, and the provider marked infant foods in the 0-5 months age category throughout the month. There are no foods marked in the 6-11 months category  once the child turns 6 months old, so this error is generated.

Note: This error typically only occurs on scannable menu claims and will disallow all children in the given age group for the given meal.