Form Changes Explained

This article provides information for changes made to scannable forms.

All Menu and Attendance Forms

  • Daily Attendance Area: This field was added based on instruction from the USDA. Federal regulations indicate that daily attendance must be marked separately from attendance at meals.
  • New/Updated Food Fields: Added a Meat/Alt field to Breakfast. Separated the Fruit and Vegetable fields at snacks. Changed one of the Fruit/Vegetable lines to Vegetable at Lunch and Dinner.
  • Provider Attestation: Added the following sentence: I certify that I served at least the minimum required quantities to each child by age and served the correct milk to each child by age.

Other changes for space concerns:

  • Limited child numbers to 1-28
  • Moved Provider ID to the top of the form
  • Moved the provider signature and attestation to the side of the form

Regular Menu and Attendance Forms (1102/1122/8513/8523)

  • Whole Grain Served At: This field allows providers to indicate that a food served that is not always a whole grain (i.e. spaghetti noodles, bagel, and so on) was whole grain-rich in this instance. The HX claims processor always looks at foods bubbled for a whole grain item. If none of the foods served are always whole grain, then it looks at this field for the provider's indication of which item qualifies.

Infant Full Bubble Changes (1203/1223)

Because the USDA requires that you record foods served to individual infants, providers must bubble the meal that they are recording and, if infants in the same age group ate different foods, record that meal for each infant. For this reason, providers may now use multiple columns for the same day without bubbling a second serving without or Group 2 or 3 at the top. 

Enrollment Forms

  • Limiting the Child Numbers to 1-28: This change was made per the menu form changes.
  • Parent-Supplied Formula/Breast Milk: The question of whether the parent supplies breast milk or formula has been split into two questions, similar to how it's presented in KidKare. Currently, this does not affect any of the windows in HX.