January 2019

January 27, 2019

FIXED: Review information is not saving for manually entered reviews. 
FIXED: The Process Claims window does not show the list of provider claims to process after the screen is refreshed. 

January 24, 2019

UPDATED: Online Enrollment is now eForms! All Online Enrollment links have been changed to eForms.
UPDATED: Updated the format of the West Virginia State Claim file.
UPDATED: Added means of navigating to the new KidKare Claims Processing Status page from HX without having to process a claim first.
UPDATED: Updated the eForms action banner.
FIXED: Cloud connect users cannot hide the HX toolbar strip.
FIXED: When processing claims, HX times out and displays a Success message to sponsors, even when claims processor errors occur and the claims are not finished processing on the claims processor.
FIXED: The In/Out Times check box only displays in the Provider Information window when Preference S.001b (Require Daily Attendance or In/Out Time Edit Check) is set to Ignore.
FIXED: A scanned claims processor claim will not process when checking the Juice edit check where meal attendance is not present.
FIXED: When multi-state sponsors select custom fields and run the Provider List export, the export file does not generate.
FIXED:  Plan EZ Menus does not recognize the scan code for fruit.
FIXED: When a scanned review form is a No Meal review, two review meal records are created.
FIXED: OERs are taking too long to come up, and some do not come up at all.