March 2019

March 26, 2019

UPDATED: Added an Attendance check box to the Daily Meals Worksheet.
UPDATED: Updated the LA child enrollment form.
UPDATED: New York sponsors can now export the New York CIPS file to upload directly to the State of New York's website. For more information, see Export the NY CIPS File.
FIXED: Create State Provider File generates a blank document.
FIXED: The following error is generated when it should not be: Scan Form Notes: An Old Meal Pattern Infant Attendance Menu was scanned. Please check your disallowed meals to ensure that the correct children were disallowed.
FIXED: List Payment History is timing out.
FIXED: HX hangs up and generates Run-Time Error 91 (Object Variable or With Block Variable Not Set) when users attempt to generate reports for multiple providers.
FIXED: Incorrect dates of birth are populating the DOB box in Provider Information, even though the sponsor did not enter them.
FIXED: Foods are not being picked up from scannable review forms.
FIXED: Sponsors are unable to validate forms.
FIXED: Error 187 (Whole Grain-Rich Component not Served on Day) is not disallowing the lowest reimbursable meal after all other meal-level edit checks have been completed.