November 2018

November 29, 2018

UPDATED: Online Enrollment layout enhancements for iPad
FIXED: Online Enrollment View Status report is overstating the number of missing forms  
FIXED: Online enrollment reports are not generating when the 'View Form' link is clicked 

November 27, 2018 

UPDATED: Scan form drivers added for new meal pattern review forms 4011E, 4018-3F, 4020E, 4021F, 4027C, 4028D, 4030E, 4031D, 4032C, 4033D and 4034D.
UPDATED: Help and Support links in HX updated to direct to the new help site.
FIXED: Whole Grain edit check is not disallowing/warning for the lowest reimbursable meal in some scenarios involving child-level errors. 
FIXED: Processor order for whole grain edit check and juice edit check moved before child-level edit checks to ensure that meals are evaluated before child edit checks.
FIXED: Record Full Attendance by Meal displays an error when clicking "Add Meal Claim Error".

November 6, 2018

UPDATED: Last four digits of guardian social security number added to detailed approval screen for Online Enrollment
UPDATED: Income details not required if all children are foster in Online Enrollment
FIXED: Unknown child status displayed when searching by child name in Online Enrollment
FIXED: Export All option does not generate a file with all records for Online Enrollment
FIXED: Missing total number of household members for Wisconsin Income Eligibility Form in Online Enrollment
FIXED: Florida Income Eligibility Form does not mark the designation for FAP/SNAP or TANF households for Online Enrollment