November 2019

November 20, 2019

UPDATED: We updated the Texas Monitoring Form (H-1607) to match the most recently published version for the form.
UPDATED: We have updated the census data in HX using the most current data.
UPDATED: We have updated the Illinois provider file. It also now generates as a CSV instead of TXT.
When users attempt to access the Food Tool from the Administration window, an error displays.
FIXED: The Claimed food and Attendance report does not show foods when generated for multiple providers.
FIXED: When users filter the ACH Direct Deposit file by check number, the file includes multiple removed providers.
FIXED: When sponsors partially enroll a provider and return to the Enroll Provider Wizard later, the provider's meal times and open/close times are not saved.
FIXED: Changes made to a child's schedule are not saved to Historic Data.
FIXED: Users who have hx2go permissions cannot access hx2go or the KidKare Review Tool.
FIXED: An error appears when sponsors attempt to access an incomplete provider from the Enroll Provider Wizard menu.