October 2019

October 27, 2019

UPDATED: Added the Billing Details report to KidKare. This report lists monthly invoice details by site. For more information, see Billing Details report.
UPDATED: Added the ability to change provider status in the Provider Information window. For more information, see Switch Providers to Pending Status and Return Providers to Active Status.
UPDATED: Added Error 1000 to the Office Error Report. This error displays if you attempt to process claims for providers who are Pending or On Hold. It disallows all meals and cancels claims processing.
UPDATED: Removed information about pricing for hx2go, as this feature is now bundled.
UPDATED: Providers who are Pending or On Hold now display in red in the Process Claims window.
UPDATED: Added the ability to set selected Pending and On Hold providers in the Process Claims window to Active once the claim is processed. For more information, see Process Claims.
UPDATED: Manual claims can now only be entered for Active providers.
UPDATED: Added the option to update provider statuses in bulk. For more information, see Bulk Provider Update.

October 15, 2019

UPDATED: Due to additional clarification KidKare received from the USDA, the whole grain edit check now looks at meal reimbursement rates only. For more information, see our updated help article Whole Grain-Rich Edit Check.
UPDATED: Updated the format of the Illinois Provider Upload file.
FIXED: Error 61 is not generating on the Office Error report when a provider violates a food rule set up by the sponsor.
FIXED: An error displays when attempting to validate reviews in the Validate hx2go Reviews window.

October 3, 2019

The KidKare Monitoring Tool is now available. This provides sponsors with an alternate, online method of entering and submitting provider reviews. This tool is accessed directly from KidKare, and consists of the following pages:

  • Main
  • Meal
  • Food & Attendance
  • Service Analysis (Texas Only)
  • Compliance
  • Paperwork
  • Other
  • Finalize

For more information, see KidKare Review Tool.