Fix Scanning Validation Issues

We upgraded our servers to Microsoft SQL 2016 to improve overall system performance and processing speeds. However, this change has affected scanned form validation, and sponsors may receive errors when attempting to validate their scanned forms.

To resolve this error, download and install the following SQL object updates: 

  • SQL CLR Types
  • SQL Native Client
  • SQL Shared Management Objects

These installers are available at

To install them:

  1. Log in to Use the same credentials you use to access Minute Menu HX.
  2. From the menu to the left, click Get Help.
  3. Click Downloads. The Downloads page opens.
  4. Click the SQL CLR Types, SQL Native Client, and SQL Shared Management Objects links to download each installer.
  5. Once they have finished downloading, open them, and follow the on-screen prompts to install them.

Note: These objects will be included in future installs (not updates).