September 2020

September 23, 2020 

UPDATED: We have added a Messages button to the toolbar that allows users to quickly navigate to the message center in KidKare. When the user has unread messages, this button will appear in read.
UPDATED: We have removed provider login details from the Sponsor Review Worksheet in both HX and KidKare.
FIXED: The Provider Mailing Labels report is not sorting correctly when users choose to sort by Zip Code and County.
FIXED: The Iowa State Claim upload file does not generated properly when users use the All Submission option.
FIXED: Users are able to click Next in the Issue Payments window when no payments are selected. This button will now be disabled until a payment is selected.
FIXED: The HX Welcome Message is sent in Spanish by default. This email should be set to English by default.
FIXED: The Checking for Upgrade Availability popup displays for users every time they log into the latest version of HX.
FIXED: An error occurs when saving provider reviews in the Provider Review window.
FIXED: An error occurs when accessing the Restore Deleted Claims window.