Service Analysis for Texas Sponsors

Sponsors for the state of Texas must also complete the Service Analysis page. This page lists the food components entered on the Food & Attendance page for non-infants and infants, as well as the required quantities. You must enter the prepared quantities and indicate whether those quantities were sufficient.

  1. Begin the review as you normally would. For more information, see Complete the Review Questionnaire.
  2. Enter information, as required, and click Continue to move through the review pages.
  3. When the Service Analysis page opens:
    1. Click the Category drop-down menu next to each listed food (if available), and select the category to which the food belongs.
    2. Click the boxes in the Prepared column for each age group, and enter the quantity of food prepared.
    3. In the Amount Sufficient column, click Yes or No.
  4. Repeat Step 3 for each meal. You must complete these tables for both non-infants and infants.
  5. When finished, click Continue.