Validate Reviews

Reviews are still validated and applied to providers in Minute Menu HX, but you no longer need to upload reviews.

  1. Click the Tools menu and select Validate hx2go Reviews.
  2. In the Filter By section, select the Selected Provider option or the All Providers option. If you select All Providers, go to Step 4.
  3. In the Select Provider section:
    1. Click the Status drop-down menu and select the provider status (Active, Pending, and so on).
    2. Click the Date drop-down menu and select a date to which to filter.
    3. Click the Provider drop-down menu and select the specific provider.
  4. In the Review Status section, choose from the following:
    • Pending
    • Rejected
    • Validated
    • All hx2go Reviews
  5. Click the Monitor drop-down menu, and select the assigned monitor, if needed.
  6. In the Date Range section, select the Last 12 Months, Current Fiscal Year, or All Years option.
  7. Click Refresh List. A list of reviews displays.
  8. Check the Select box next to each review to validate.
  9. Click Validate. You can view validated reviews in the List Reviews and Review Reports windows.