Add Foods

Note: We have complied a list of CACFP resources for food buying and crediting in the CACP. Click here for more information.

To add a new food to your food list:

  1. From the menu to the left, click Foods.
  2. Click Food List. The Food List page opens.
  3. Click New Food.
  4. In the Display section:
    1. Click the Category drop-down menu and select the category in which to list the food.
    2. Click the Name box and enter the name of this food.
    3. Click the Spanish Name box, and enter the Spanish name for this food.
    4. Click the Food Type drop-down menu and select the food type.
    5. If your providers use scannable forms, click the Food Number box and enter a number between 1 and 288 that does not include the digit 9. Use the Food List report to make sure that you do not duplicate food numbers within the same food type. You can also click Suggest to generate a number.
  5. In the Nutritional Information section, click  next to each nutritional marker that applies to this food:
    • Vitamin A
    • Vitamin C
    • Whole Grain-Rich
      Note: If you set Whole Grain-Rich to Yes, the food defaults to whole grain-rich when centers add the food to their menus.
    • High Fat
    • High Salt
    • Iron
  6. In the Additional Information section, click  next to each item that applies:
    • CN - Child Nutrition: A child nutrition label is required.
    • HM - Homemade: The food must be homemade to be creditable.
    • DBL - Double Portion: The food must be a double portion.
  7. In the Approvals section:
    1. Click  next to each meal for which this food is approved.
    2. Click the Non-Infant, Infant 6-11, and Infant 0-5 drop-down menus and select Allow, Warn, or Disallow.
  8. In the Effective Dates section:
    1. If this food is only approved starting on a specific date, click the Start box and enter a start date for the food. If you want this food to be available immediately, do not add a start date.
    2. If this food is only approved for a limited time, click the End box and enter an end date for the food. If you enter a date in this box, the food will not be available once the end date is reached.
  9. Click Save.