Validate Scanned Forms

Validation is the process that converts raw, scannable form data into legitimate database values, such as children, food, meals, reviews, and so on. When you validate forms, everything on the form is examined to ensure that it was marked and properly read by the scanner. If the system finds any problems in the way a form was completed, the problems display so you can correct them.

Validation is a processor-intense function, so be sure you are doing it on a computer with a fast processor and ample RAM. We strongly recommend that you validate on the computer within the Minute Menu HX database for faster performance. Note that this process can take some time, especially if a large number of errors are found during processing. This is also dependent upon the speed of your hardware and the number of forms involved in the claim.

  1. Begin validation.
    1. If you have just finished scanning forms, click Validate in the Scan Forms Success Screen dialog box.
    2. If you are validating forms later, click the Scanning menu and select Validate Forms.
  2. Select the form batch to validate. There is usually only one type of form listed.
    Note: If you scan from one computer and validate from another computer, pay attention to the Batch and Number of Form columns when selecting a batch to validate. Make sure you select batches that are completely scanned.
  3. Click Validate. The progress meter displays. Several different validation passes may be made during this process.
  4. If any errors are found, the Scan Validation Error dialog box displays and describes the error in detail. The page number within the page is included with the error, so you can reference the original form, if needed (though you should not need to do this). Correct the problem or throw out the form. Click OK to continue validation.
  5. When the process is complete, the Complete message displays. Click OK to close the window.

Note: Validating scannable forms only puts information into Minute Menu HX. You must now process claims to get your claim counts.