[VIDEO] Provider Training & Resources

Video Training for Providers

Watch the video below to learn more about the provider side of eForms. Your providers can also view this video on the KidKare Knowledge base here.

Start-Up Guide & Checklist for Providers

Click here to download a printable start-up guide for eForms, and click here to download a printable checklist for providers. You can then email this guide to your providers to prepare them to use the eForms feature. You can also share the above video with your providers. 

Instruction Sheet for Parents

Click here to download and print an instruction sheet for parents. This guide helps parents start the enrollment process for their child. Providers can print this sheet and post it on a wall/door, or hand it out to parents.


Providers can also access the eForms help pages on help.kidkare.com and review the following articles and videos: