eForms Settings in KidKare

There are two settings for eForms you can adjust in KidKare:

  • Allow providers to send new enrollment requests to parents: Enable this option to allow your providers to send new enrollment invitations to parents. You must still approve/renew forms received.
  • Require providers to approve enrollment forms: Enable this option to require providers to review and approve enrollment forms before they are sent to you for final approval/renewal. This allows providers to catch any form errors and send forms back to parents for revision. Even with this option enabled, you can also send forms back for revision, if needed.

To enable or disable these settings:

  1. Log in to KidKare at app.kidkare.com. Use the same credentials you use to access Minute Menu HX.
  2. Click . The Settings Page opens.
  3. In the eForms Settings section, click  next to each option to enable/disable:
    • Would you like to require providers to approve enrollment forms?
    • Are providers allowed to send new enrollment requests to parents?
  4. Your changes are saved automatically.