Reviews Reports

The following Reviews reports are available. This list is not comprehensive. To access these reports, click the Reports menu, select Reviews, and then select the appropriate report.

  • Block Claim Review: This report lists providers who have been marked as submitted blocked claims by the Analyze Block Claims function.
  • Child Attendance Reconciliation: This report provides an analysis of a given provider over one week. For more information, see Child Attendance Reconciliation.
  • Children Not Seen at Review Report: This report lists all children not seen at one or more reviews in a specified date range.
  • Claim and Review Comparison: This report compares the percentage of meals your providers have claimed with the percentage of those meals that are seen at home visits. For more information, see Track Your Caseload.
  • Home Visit Status: This report lists providers and provides a 12-month picture of visits. Each review is noted in the calendar on the report, and a key displays at the bottom of it to help you better interpret the results. For more information, see Track Your Caseload.
  • Monitored Meal Pattern Break: This report identifies any provider who consistently claims a different number of children at a meal than the number of children seen by a Monitor when that meal was reviewed. You can only analyze processed claims (KidKare, scannable forms, or Direct Entry), and only if you observed attendance on the Review form or in the Meals tab in the Provider Reviews window.
  • Projected Visit Dates: This report lists all upcoming reviews for the next 12 months. It allows you to make any necessary broad adjustments to the provider's scheduled reviews. For more information, see Track Your Caseload.
  • Providers Claiming Special Days: This report identifies all providers who are claiming any of special situations for a given month. This report runs based on meal and attendance data in your database, which means that you cannot analyze manual claims with this report. For more information, see Identify Who to Visit and When.
  • Providers Due Reviews: This report lists all providers who must be visited, as well as the days and meals you should visit. For more information, see Identify Who to Visit and When.
  • Providers Not Reviewed: This report lists all providers not visited within a specific time frame. Federal regulations require that you visit all providers no less than once every six (60 months or once every nine (9) months, if your agency averages reviews. Use this report to ensure that providers are being visited often enough. For more information, see Track Your Caseload.
  • Review History: This report provides a concise list of reviews done since the beginning of the selected fiscal year. There are four columns of reviews listed: One per review trimester, plus an extra column for the most recent non-trimester review performed (such as a follow-up visit, corrective action visit, and so on). For agencies who perform four reviews a year, this extra column is replaced by the fourth quarter review.
  • Review List Export File: This is a CSV list of reviews and review details.
  • Review Mailing Labels: This works the same as the Review List Export File, only it generates mailing addresses in the Avery 5160 format.
  • Sponsor Review Worksheet: This report provides a quick reference sheet of a provider information. Print this report out for your Monitors to take with them on home visits. For more information, see Sponsor Review Worksheet.