Process Late Claims

When you process late claims, Minute Menu HX examines the information in a provider's file to determine how that claim should be paid. However, if the information on-file changes in the meantime, it can be difficult to guarantee accurate claims processing.

Minute Menu HX stores accurate child files based on the date of enrollment and the date of withdrawal. This allows the claims processor to accurately examine late claim months in most circumstances. Tier information and licenses information are stored with effective start and end dates, which covers most late claim circumstances. Even so, occasionally data changes in the provider file can materially impact a claim.

For example, suppose a provider's license capacity is seven (7) one month, and the next month it is six (6). If you re-process that provider's late claim, the provider may get disallowed for one child throughout the month if Minute Menu HX were only to look at the information in the provider's file for the current month.

You can configure Minute Menu HX to look at historic data when processing claims. Following the example above, when you process the current claim, Minute Menu HX would check against a maximum capacity of six (6), and when you re-process the previous month's claim, it would check against a maximum capacity of seven (7).

Contact Minute Menu HX Support if you would like Minute Menu HX to examine historic data when processing claims. When this  functionality is enabled, the Provider History and Child History functions are also always enabled (subject to functional security).