Scan Forms

Once you have prepared appropriately, scan your forms into Minute Menu HX. 

Note: The scanning and validation process can take some time, so ensure you have enough time to dedicate to the procedure. The length of time spent scanning itself largely depends on the type of scanner you are using.

  1. Click the Scanning menu and select Scan Forms. the Scan Forms window opens.
  2. Select the form type you are scanning. It is important that you select the correct form type, as this affects how the information is read and compiled. For example, if you are scanning menus, you would select Full Bubble Menus or Attendance Menus. If you aren't sure which form type to select, look at the form number in the bottom-right corner of the scannable form and match it to the Applicable Form Numbers column in the Scan Forms window.
  3. Click Scan. The Prompt for Menus dialog box opens.
  4. Click the Claim Month drop-down menu and select the claim month you are scanning.
  5. Click Continue
  6. If you are scanning with a Scantron scanner, you are prompted to select a Threshold and Discrimination to apply to the batch.
    1. Click the Threshold drop-down menu and select the threshold to use when scanning. This value can vary based on the forms you are scanning, as the scanner evaluates each bubble mark's density. The darker a bubble is, the denser it is. This setting controls the minimum density read by the scanner. Therefore, if you set this to DARK, relatively light bubbles are ignored.
      • We recommend you use DARK for all forms except review forms. Review forms should be set to NORMAL.
      • Adjust the threshold if you notice valid marks or being missed or erased marks are being picked up during scanning.
      • DARK, NORMAL, and LIGHT correspond to the following numerical values: 7 (DARK), 5 (NORMAL), and 3 (LIGHT). If you notice that erased marks are still being picked up on the DARK setting, you can set the threshold to 8. 
    2. Leave the Discrimination Margin set to Low.
    3. Click Next.
  7. Minute Menu HX attempts to connect to your scanner. If you have scanned before, this process should be relatively quick. However, if this is you first time scanning at all, or if this is your first time scanning a particular form, you may see an error at this point if your system is not properly configured. If you do see an error, note the error's details and contact Minute Menu HX Support for assistance.

    If there are no errors, Minute Menu HX scans  the forms you loaded into the scanner. The system automatically assigns batch numbers to each batch of forms you are scanning based on the highest batch number that already exists for unvalidated forms in your system for the selected month. These are useful when scanning and validating large numbers of forms.

    The scanning status displays during the process. The particular status window differs based on whether you use a Scanning Systems scanner or a Scantron scanner. If you see any errors, deal with them appropriately, and click Resume to continue scanning.

    Maintain the order of your form stacks until validation and processing is complete. When problems are found during validation, they are referenced by a form's position in the stack of forms you scanned, so keeping them in order is helpful.
  8. When the hopper is empty, click Stop or Cancel/Close (depending on your scanner) to finish scanning. The Scan Forms Success Screen dialog box opens.
  9. Click Validate to move to the validation process, or click Scan More to scan more forms. You can scan as many batches as needed, but remember that you should never split a provider's claim over multiple batches. This is because one of the validation checks looks to see if forms have been scanned for each provider in a batch. For more information about the validation process, see Validate Scanned Forms.