Mark Infants as Developmentally Ready

When a provider records a meal for an infant, sets the Add Solid Foods slider in KidKare to Yes, and records solid foods for the infant, that child's record is marked as developmentally ready as of the current date. This date is written back to Minute Menu HX and populates the Developmentally Ready box in the Child Information Special tab.

For example, if the provider sets the Add Solid Foods slider to Yes and records solid foods for an infant on May 7, 2019, 05/07/2019 is written to the Developmentally Ready box in Minute Menu HX. See the figures below.

Note: If preference Q.010 is set to Warn, and an infant who was marked developmentally ready was not served solid foods, Error 189 appears on the Office Error report. Meals are checked starting from the first day the infant was marked developmentally ready at a meal in KidKare. This error is a warning only.