Manage Menu Numbers

You must assign a number to every menu plan. Providers use use these numbers on scannable menu forms. Regardless of the menu plan you create, providers approach scannable menu forms the same way each time: they bubble-in M to indicate this is a planned menu, and then they bubble-in the menu number in the lowest Fruit/Vegetable row for that meal. If your providers use KidKare, the numbers are not important, but they are still required.

When assigning menu numbers, keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Each menu plan number must be unique. You cannot record master menus with numbers that overlap with cycle menus or vice versa. So, if you allow your providers to create cycle menus, reserve a set number range for those menus.
  • EZ menus are assumed to be Menu #1.
  • Menu plan numbers cannot contain a 9. There is no number 9 in the food sections on Minute Menu HX scannable menu forms.