Print the Claimed Attendance Summary Report

The Claimed Attendance Summary report shows counts for the number of children the provider attempted to claim but were not necessarily reimbursed. This is effectively pre-processed claim data. Use the Meal Totals report for post-processed claim counts.

  1. Click the Reports menu, select Claim Data, and click Foods Served Report. The Select Provider dialog box opens.
  2. Set filters for the providers to include:
    1. In the Filter By section, select the Selected Provider option or the Multiple Providers option. If you select Multiple Providers, continue to Step 3.
    2. Click the Status drop-down menu and select ActiveActive & Withdrawn AfterAllHold, Pending, or Withdrawn Before.
    3. If you selected Active & Withdrawn After or Withdrawn Before in Step 2b, click the corresponding Date box and select the appropriate date. If you selected any other status, go to Step 2d.
    4. Click the Provider drop-down menu and select the provider for whom to run the report.
  3. When finished, click Continue. If you selected a specific provider in Step 2, continue to Step 4.
    1. The Provider Filter window opens. Check each box and select a filter that applies. If you don't set any filters, all providers are included in this report.

      Note: Check the Choose Providers From List box to select individual providers to include. When you click Continue, the Choose Providers window opens. Check the box next to each provider to include in the report and click Continue.

    2. Click Continue.
  4. The Select Claim Month dialog box opens. Click the Select Claim Month drop-down menu and select the claim month for which to run this report.
  5. Click Continue. If you are printing this report for a single provider, go to Step 7.
  6. The Provider Nested Sort Order dialog box opens.
    1. Click the First Sort By drop-down menu and select the primary sort for this report. Name is selected by default.
    2. Click the And Then By drop-down menu and select the secondary sort for this report. This box is blank by default.
    3. Click Continue.
  7. The report is generated. To print this report to PDF, see Print Reports to PDF.