Send Messages with Links

The Minute Menu HX Messaging feature does not currently allow you to send attachments. However, you can still use it to send links to content hosted elsewhere, such as newsletters. To do so, embed a link in the message body. This requires very simple HTML code:

<a href="URL">linked text</a>

Here's an example of what this would look like in practice:

Dear Providers,

Our latest newsletter is available! You can read it <a href="">here</a>.


Your Sponsor

Before you send messages with links to your providers, send one to your test provider first (see Test Provider Account to learn how to create a test provider). Then, log in to KidKare and make sure the link works properly.

Note: The KidKare Message Tool allows you to include attachments and links in your messages. You can also use a rich text editor to format your messages to your specifications. See Message Providers in KidKare for more information.