Understand Claims with Multiple Claim Records

When you create a claim in Minute Menu HX, a single claim record is created in the database. When you then mark that claim as submitted, the claim record is locked, and you can no longer make changes to it. However, you may still need to change the claim counts associated with that claim. 

Per Food Program guidelines, you can make upward adjustments for any claim that is less than 90 days old. You can make downward revisions at any time. When you make such adjustments, a new adjustment claim is created in Minute Menu HX. 

If the claim has already been submitted, these new records display in the Claim Month Group Records section of the Claim Details window. The new information here allows you to review the exact history of this provider's claim, such as when the claim revisions were submitted to the state and when they were paid.

When you view a claim that has more than one claim record, the meal count information includes totals for the entire month by default. The Tier indicated at the top of the window is the final-determined Claim Tier after accounting for all adjustments. The Claim Status, Submission in View, Processed Date, and Payment date fields are all suppressed when viewing the provider's full-month claim information, as those items are specific to individual records that make up the provider's claim.

Also, you cannot print a check stub here, as there may be a different check stub specific to individual claim records that make up the provider's claim.