Children Reports

The following Children reports are available. This list is not comprehensive. To access these reports, click the Reports menu, select Children, and then select the appropriate report.

  • Blank Enrollment Form: This is the same Blank Enrollment Form providers print in KidKare.
  • Child Enrollment Form: This is the same Child Enrollment Form providers print in KidKare.
  • Child List Export File: This is a CSV list of children and child details.
  • Child Mailing Labels: This works the same as the Child Export File, only it generates parent mailing addresses in the Avery 5160 format.
  • Child Racial Count Summary: This report lists counts of actively enrolled children broken down by race. Use this report when preparing your annual management plan in compliance with state regulations.
  • Child Tier Expiration Analysis: This report lists all children who are losing their Tier 1 eligibility within a specified period. Children who are reimbursed at Tier 1 rates but aren't themselves income eligible (or they aren't foster children) are usually ignored when you run this report.
  • Children Duplicated Within Provider: This report lists duplicate children enrolled with a provider. Use this report to clean up a provider's file.
  • Enrollment Renewal Worksheet: This is the same worksheet KidKare providers can print for child enrollment.
  • Provider/Child Residence Comparison: This report looks at child last names, addresses, and phone numbers and compares them to the same information in the provider's file. If a Not Related/Day Care Child matches on any of these items, they appear on this report. This helps you identify children who are living with the provider but who have not been designated as the provider's own child.
  • Tier 1 Qualifying Children Report: This report lists all Tier 1 children. When you filter this report, include only Tier 2 or Mixed Tier homes. Otherwise, it may include all children reimbursed at Tier 1 rates, because their providers are Tier 1.