Delete Unsubmitted/Unpaid Claims

Typically, when you delete a claim it is the result of a data entry error. If the claim you need to remove has not yet been submitted to the state, you can completely delete the claim from your system. If it has been submitted to the state, you must zero the claim out rather than deleting it. For more information about this situation, see Delete Submitted/Paid Claims.

To delete unsubmitted/unpaid claims:

  1. Click the Claims menu and select List Claims. The List Claims window opens.
  2. Set filters and click Refresh List. For more information about filtering the List Claims window, see List Claims.
  3. Click Details next to the claim to delete. The Claim Details window opens.
  4. Click Delete Claim (bottom-left corner).
    Note: If the Delete Claim option is not present, the claim has already been submitted/paid. Go to Delete Submitted/Paid Claims to delete this claim.
  5. At the confirmation prompt, choose from the following:
    • Click Yes to delete the claim AND meal records.
    • Click No to delete the claim only.
    • Click Cancel to cancel the procedure.