Set Preferences

Minute Menu HX is designed to be highly customizable to meet a variety of business needs. The Sponsor Preferences window allows you to customize HX and control many aspects of the program, such as edit checks, user preferences, general behavior, and so on. Review your policies to ensure that HX is set up to meet your agency's needs and expectations.

Policies should only be changed by the main decision makers of the company and/or those with the authority to do so. Changes to policies could impact claims. You can control access to policy settings with user permissions and staff types.

  1. Click the Administration menu and select Sponsor Preferences. The Sponsor Preferences window opens.
  2. Use the Select the Category to Move To drop-down menu and the Select the Error to Move To drop-down menus to jump to a specific setting.
  3. Click a setting description to view it in a larger pop-up. Click OK to close it.
  4. Check the box next to the setting to change.
  5. Click the Select Setting drop-down menu and select the setting to use. For preferences, this is typically Y or N. For edit checks, you can choose from the following:
    • Disallow: The processor automatically deducts meals based on the edit check that was violated.  For example, if a child enrollment form has not been received, claiming that child is out of compliance with regulations. HX can automatically disallow reimbursement for any meal in which the child was claimed. These meals an be added back later, if needed. However, if you would disallow most of the time, choose this option.

    • Ignore: The processor does not complete the edit check, and the error is not noted on the OER. For example, if checking to see if a child is claimed on a day or for a meal for which they are not enrolled is not a required edit check, you could set that policy to Ignore.

    • Warn: The error does not deduct from the reimbursement, but should be researched to ensure that proper documentation was received or that procedures were followed. These errors do show on the OER. For example, if a child noted with a special diet is served a meal and the Special Diet Statement has not been marked as received in HX, the processor notes Allow/Warn on the OER for this child's meals. This allows your staff to find out if the Special Diet Statement was received and correct the error in HX or disallow the meals. Note that this warning only shows when the claim is processed—not when the center is recording their claim.

  6. Click Save.

Note: Click Print List to print a list of your preferences/settings. Click Print Changes to print a list of the preferences that you have changed.