Re-Enroll Children with Scannable Forms

Keep the following in mind if you plan to use Minute Menu HX's scannable enrollment forms for your annual child enrollment process:

  • Providers must assign children to the same numbers as they did during initial enrollment. They should not change child numbers.
  • Providers must supply a First Day in Care date that is appropriate for the new enrollment. So, if the child started attending care three years ago in February, but your agency is renewing enrollments for this year effective in October, your provider should supply a first day in care of October 1st of the current year.

When you scan these enrollments, you are prompted to update the child, as well as other options, such as:

  • Child Schedule
  • Enrollment Date
  • Enrollment Expiration Date

If you manually supplied any Tiering information, parent contact information, or anything else, that information remains in your computer.