Payments Reports

The following Payments reports are available. This list is not comprehensive. To access these reports, click the Reports menu, select Payments, and then select the appropriate report.

  • Check ACH File: This re-generates an ACH file for a batch of direct deposits.
  • Check Payment Details: This re-prints a check stub for any check.
  • Check Register: This report allows you to print a check register for a batch of checks or direct deposits.
  • Check Register Batch Summary: This report lists all of the individual claim submission batches that exist for a given claim month, specifically noting the outgoing payments to providers. Compare this with the final State Claim Summary report and your bank account records to ensure that all funds have been accounted for. This report effectively represents the same information as found on the last page of the Check Register report (above).
  • Check Transaction File: This report allows you to regenerate the file used to export payment information to QuickBooks® or other accounting software.
  • Claims Not Paid: This report lists all claims that have not been accounted for as paid (whether a positive claim or a negative claim adjustment). This is useful for identifying any old claims that have slipped through cracks, zero-dollar claims, or claims that were put on hold and need to be cleared out of the system.
  • Non-Claim Payment Adjustments: This report provides a list of all non-claim payment adjustments. For more information, see Non-Claim Payment Adjustments Report.
  • Provider Tax: This report provides a total of the payments issued to providers in the calendar year. Note that the payments included are based on the actual payment dates, so it lags by at least a month. This report also includes a computation for the IRS Standard Meal Deduction, which is the total of all meals the provider attempted to claim, including disallowed meals, multiplied by the Tier 1 rate of reimbursement as of January for the given tax year. Print this report at the end of the calendar year and mail it to your providers.