January 2022

January 20, 2022

UPDATED: We have updated the 2022 census information per USDA data.
UPDATED: We have updated the Provider Tax report to include copy covering COVID emergency fund payments.
UPDATED: We have removed the Claims Submission Number from the Adjust Claims window.
UPDATED: We have optimized the Full Month Attendance by Meal/Child functions so that they save faster.
UPDATED: We have added two new sponsor preferences to prevent providers from enrolling and/or withdrawing children in KidKare. These preferences are M.012 Prevent All Providers from Enrolling Children Online and M.013 Prevent Providers from Withdrawing Children Online. Previously, users had to adjust these settings on a per-provider basis.
FIXED: The Massachusetts State Provider file is not working.
FIXED: Users are unable to log into a new provider account if that provider had an account with the same ID previously and that account was deleted.
FIXED: Long text on certain reports is cut off.
FIXED: Some users are unable to log in to Minute Menu HX and receive an error stating that the login or password entered was invalid.
FIXED: Some users are unable to put providers on hold.
FIXED: Some users are unable to withdraw children.