Print the Providers Not Claiming Report

The Providers Not Claiming report lists all providers who were active in a given month, but who did not claim or who did not record any meals. It includes the following information:

  • Provider Name
  • Provider ID
  • Provider Phone
  • Child Count
  • Monitor
  • CACFP Original Start Date
  • Last Claim
  • Status
  • Removal Date

Use this report to identify providers who are not actively claiming with you. You can use the resulting list as a contact list to call those providers and find out why they aren't claiming, or you can update their status in HX.

To run this report:

  1. Click the Reports menu, Claim Management, and select Providers Not Claiming Report. The Provider Filter window opens.
    Note: You can also click Claims and select Track Received Claims. Then, click Providers Not Claiming.
  2. Check the Status box, and then check the Active box.
  3. Set additional filters, as needed.
  4. Click Continue. The Select Dates dialog box opens.
  5. Click the Starting Date and Ending Date drop-down menus and select dates for which to run the report. If you enter a date range that covers more than one month, it lists providers who did not claim during any of the months within that range.
  6. Click Continue. The Meals Recorded Filter dialog box opens.
  7. Select No Claim Submitted or No Meals Recorded.
  8. Click Continue. The Provider Nested Sort Order dialog box opens.
  9. Click the First Sort By drop-down menu and the And Then By drop-down menu and select the primary and secondary sorts for this report.
  10. Click Continue. The report is generated.