[VIDEO] Get Started with the KidKare Review Tool

With this tool, you no longer need to download provider information or upload your completed reviews. You can access the KidKare Review Tool tool directly from KidKare. 

Recommended Devices

While you can access and use the KidKare Review Tool from any Internet-enabled device, we recommend the following devices:

  • iPads
  • Android Tablets
  • PC
  • Mac

Note that your device must have an Internet connection, which requires a data plan, as offline mode is not supported. We strongly recommend you use the Google Chrome browser on your device.

Note: The tool may not display properly on small phone screens, and Kindles are not recommended.

Get Started

Using the KidKare Review Tool involves the following:

  1. Add monitors.
  2. Customize the review questionnaire.
  3. Monitors complete the review questionnaire.
  4. Validate reviews in Minute Menu HX.

Note: Click the link below to download a printable quick start guide!