Switch Providers to Pending Status

Providers remain at Pending status if you do not provide license information during the enrollment process. Any claim you receive from providers at this status is automatically disallowed. However, you can later return to a provider's profile and set them to pending. For example, if a provider will be closed for several months, you can set them to Pending so they do not appear in your active provider searches. You can also temporarily remove the provider. For more information, see Remove Providers.

To switch a provider's status to Pending:

  1. Click the Providers menu and select List Providers. The List Providers window opens.
  2. Click the Filter Providers By drop-down menu and select Active.
  3. Click Refresh List. Active providers display.
  4. Click View next to the provider to update. The Provider Information window opens.
  5. Click the Licensing tab.
  6. Clear the License Issued by State box. The provider's licensing information should now be grayed-out, as shown in the figure below.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Click OK at the confirmation prompt. The provider is now Pending, and any claims received and processed for the provider will be rejected.
  9. To set the provider's status back to Active, return to the Licensing tab and check the License Issued by State box again. Update the provider's licensing information, if needed, and click Save.