Delete Providers

Wait! We strongly recommend that you only delete those providers you have enrolled in error. Deleting providers completely erases them (and their data) from your database forever. Note that you cannot delete providers that have recorded meals. If you need to remove these providers and prevent them from logging in and submitting claims, see Remove Providers.

To delete providers:

  1. Click the Administration menu and select Delete Provider. The Delete Provider dialog box opens.
  2. Click the Select Provider drop-down menu and select the provider status in which to search. For example, you can select Pending, to select a pending provider.
  3. Click the Provider drop-down menu and select the provider to delete.
  4. Click Delete.
  5. Click Yes at the confirmation prompt. The Deleting Provider from Database Please Wait Message displays.
  6. Once the process is complete, the Provider Successfully Deleted From Database message displays. Click OK.