Error 109

Child File Indicates the Child Doesn't Normally Attend Day of Week

Error 110

Child File Indicates the Child Doesn't Normally Attend Given Meal

Error 120

Child File Indicates Child Arrived After Meal was Served or Left Before Meal was Served

Error 170

Insufficient Time was Allowed Before/After This Meal and the Previous/Next Meal for This Child (Infants Not Disallowed)

Error 187

Whole Grain-Rich Component not Served on Day

Error 189

Infant Previously Served Developmental Foods was not Served Solid Foods

Error 60

An Invalid Master Menu Number was Recorded on the Scannable Menu

Error 61

A Particular Food or Type of Food was Served Too Often

Error 8

A Food Number Supplied on a Scannable Menu is not a Valid Food Number


Split Shifts

A meal is served twice—Once to one group of children and again to a second group of children. For example, Breakfast is served at 7AM to Group A. It is served again at 8AM to Group B.