Set Up Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is a fast, electronic method of payment that ensures providers still receive payment in a timely manner. If you do not currently offer direct deposit but would like to, contact your bank/credit union and ensure that they can accept upload files for direct deposit. Minute Menu HX uses the nationally accepted ACH file format NACHA. 

To set up direct deposit:

  1. Enter your bank account information into HX.
    1. Click the Administration menu and select ACH Settings. The ACH Settings dialog box opens.
    2. Complete each field. Contact your bank for this information.
    3. When finished,click Save.
  2. Next, enter bank account information for each provider.
    1. Click the Providers menu and select Provider Information. The Provider Information window opens.
    2. Click the Provider drop-down menu and select the provider to change.
    3. Click the Other tab.
    4. Check the Uses Direct Deposit box.
    5. Click the Bank Account Type drop-down menu and select Checking, Money Market, or Savings.
    6. Enter the bank account and routing numbers in the Bank Account Number and Bank Routing Number boxes.
    7. Click Save.
    8. Repeat Steps 2b - 2g for each provider for whom to set up direct deposit.
  3. Send the Pre-Note file to your bank to test the direct deposit.
    • Contact your bank to determine where and how to upload the file to the bank's website.
    • If the file is rejected, find out why, fix the error, generate a new file, and try uploading again.
    • If the file goes through, and you confirm that there were no issues, the ACH file has been set up successfully, and you are ready to use Minute Menu HX to generate ACH files for direct deposit.

Note: If you re-use this Pre-Note file prior to each batch of direct deposits you run, you automatically check the validity of each provider's bank account and routing number, so you can be assured that all claims that you pay via direct deposit actually go to a valid bank account.