Understand Payment Management in HX

Minute Menu HX creates payment transactions—either checks or direct deposits—for all issued payments. Even if you do not print checks with HX, use it to manage individual provider transactions to ensure that you accurately manage your claim funds. All payments are issued based on payment components.

Payment Components

There are two types of components for which payment can be issued: Claims and Non-Claim Adjustments.

Every provider who has a Claim can receive payment. When you create a payment, you can specify which claims you are paying. This is important, because it is possible to have more than one claim record for a provider for a given claim month.

Non-Claim Payment Adjustments are specific dollar amounts that you can add or remove from a provider's payment. These are unrelated to specific claim meal counts and should not be confused with Claim Adjustments. For example, suppose you offer a provider insurance program. You deduct money for this program from a provider's payment. This would be a Non-Claim Payment Adjustment. If a Non-Claim Payment Adjustment exists for a provider, you can choose whether to include it in any payment you issue.

Negative Payments

In some cases, the claim records you mark for payment for a provider may create a payment with a negative amount. If you issue such a payment to a provider, Minute Menu HX creates a zero-dollar payment for that provider and automatically creates a Non-Claim Payment Adjustment with the negative payment amount.

The next time you issue payments, you could automatically include this Non-Claim Payment Adjustment so the negative amount is automatically deducted from the next issued check.

Clearing Claims Out

Claims and Non-Claim Payment Adjustments remain in the system until you are ready to pay on them. For accounting consistency, you can issue zero-dollar checks to clear out Claim records from your pending payment component list. This is especially the case if you have a claim that you marked as submitted to the state and later made an adjustment that zeroed-out the claim.