Manage User Security

You can use security options to divide responsibility among your staff. There are two types of user security available for your users:

  • Functional Security: This type of security allows you to give users full, read-only, or no access to various functions. For example, you can give some users access to the check-writing features, while other users can only view past paid checks. Functional security allows you to completely customize what users can and cannot access in Minute Menu HX.
  • Provider Security: This type of security allows you to assign certain users to a particular set of providers. You assign each provider to a group number and then assign each user to that group number. Users can only see the providers in their own group within any part of the software.

To enable the security type you wish to use for your business:

  1. Click the Administration menu and select Sponsor Preferences. The Sponsor Preferences window opens.
  2. Click the Select the Category to Move To drop-down menu and select U. General Behavior.
  3. Check the box next to the security type to use.
  4. Click the Select Setting drop-down menu and select Y or N.
  5. Click Save.

Note: These settings can only be changed by the Administrator or by a user that has full permissions for Sponsor Preferences.