Update Provider Email Addresses

We recommend sponsors retain accurate email addresses for each of their providers. Email provides a convenient way for sponsors to provide their providers with important documentation and reports, and vise versa. Use the Provider List Export File to quickly locate providers for whom you are missing an email address. You can then call the provider listed on the report so you can update their contact information in Minute Menu HX.

To do so:

  1. First, generate the report:
    1. Click the Reports menu, select Providers, and click Provider List Export File. The Select Report Definition to Use dialog box opens.
    2. Click Continue without selecting a report definition. The Provider Filter opens.
    3. Accept the default Status filters (Active and Hold), and click Continue. The Select Output Data for Provider List Export window opens.
    4. Scroll down and check the Email box.
    5. Scroll down again, and check the Phone box.
    6. Click Continue.
    7. Browse to the location on your computer in which to save the file.
    8. Click Save. The file opens automatically in your default spreadsheet program.
  2. Filter the resulting spreadsheet to show blank email addresses only. Note that these instructions are Excel-specific.
    1. Click the first row of the Email column.
    2. Click Sort & Filter in the top-right corner of the Home tab and select Filter. The first row of each column in the spreadsheet is now a drop-down menu you can use to filter.
    3. Click the Email drop-down menu and clear the Select All box.
    4. Scroll to the bottom of the list and check the Blanks box.
    5. Click OK. You now have a list of providers with missing email addresses, as well as their phone numbers.
  3. Contact the providers on your list for their email addresses, and add their email addresses to the Provider Information Contact tab.